Who is Wanda Sykes wife Alex Sykes? Wiki-Bio, net worth.

Wanda Sykes is one of the most successful and hilarious comedians in the industry. She has won multiple awards, hosted the Oscars, starred in movies and TV shows, and voiced animated characters. But behind her fame and fortune, there is a woman who supports her through thick and thin: her wife, Alex Sykes. Away from the flashing lights of paparazzi, Alex Sykes is perhaps one of the most secluded figures around Hollywood. The French-born businesswoman rose to fame because of her marriage to Wanda Sykes. Little is known about Alex and her rejection of social media sites has made it difficult to glean any information. Today, we attempt to combine the bits and pieces of what is known about Alex Sykes.

Early Life and Professional Career:

Alex Sykes was born Alexandra Niedbalski in France. She is about 47 years as of 2023. Even though little is known about her early life growing up, her professional exploits have been well documented by the media. With a master’s degree in Business and Marketing from the ISEG School of Management, she quickly moved on to her professional career.

Wanda Sykes and her wife Alex Sykes

Career and Net Worth:

Alex Sykes has had a diverse professional career in different fields. She started as a publicity assistant for the Women Tennis Association (WTA) in 1997, where she helped promote the sport and its players. She then moved to the French National Basketball Association, where she worked as a sponsorship and marketing assistant and helped secure funding and exposure for the teams. After meeting Wanda Sykes on a ferry ride to Fire Island in 2006, she became involved in kitchen design and sold granite countertops to customers, including Wanda. She later joined Polycor, a Canadian-American and French manufacturing corporation, as a senior vice president of sales management and oversees the sales strategy and operations of the company.  Alex has an estimated net worth of $3 million, which she earned through her hard work and dedication. She lives a lavish lifestyle with her wife Wanda Sykes, who has an estimated net worth of $10 million, which she earned as an actress, writer and comedian. The couple owns two luxurious houses, one in Los Angeles California and another one in Media, Pennsylvania.

Marriage and Family Life:

Alex Sykes met her future wife Wanda in 2006 on a ferry ride to Fire Island. She was a kitchen designer who specialized in countertop sales, and Wanda was in the process of remodeling her kitchen. It was love at first sight for Wanda, who felt an instant connection with Alex. She later told The Guardian that something audibly said to her: “Wow, that’s what you need, Wanda.”

The couple dated for two years before getting married on October 25, 2008, in Las Vegas. A few weeks later, Wanda publicly came out as gay at an equality rally in Las Vegas, following the passage of Proposition 8, a ban on same-sex marriage in California. She said that her marriage to Alex influenced her decision to speak out as one of the “victims” of the discriminatory law.

In April 2009, Wanda and Alex welcomed their twins: Olivia Lou and Lucas Claude. The twins were born via a surrogate mother, and Alex carried them. Wanda has said that she loves being a mother and that her kids are bilingual, speaking both French and English.

Wanda and Alex have been married for nearly 15 years and have faced many challenges together. In 2011, Wanda was diagnosed with non-invasive breast cancer and underwent a double mastectomy. She said that Alex helped her heal and cope with the ordeal. She also credited Alex for inspiring her comedy and making her laugh.

Wanda and Alex are very open about their love for each other and often share sweet moments on social media. They also support each other’s careers and attend events together. Alex is proud of Wanda’s achievements and cheers her on whenever she performs.

Public Appeareances

Wanda Sykes and Alex Sykes are one of the most hilarious and adorable couples in Hollywood. They are also very supportive of each other’s careers and causes. Here are some of their memorable public appearances together:

  • In 2010, they attended the White House Correspondents’ Dinner and posed for photos with President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama. Wanda, who was the host of the event, cracked jokes about the president, the media, and her own family. Alex smiled proudly as she watched her wife entertain the crowd.
  • In 2012, they walked the red carpet at the Emmy Awards, where Wanda was nominated for Outstanding Writing for a Variety Special for her HBO comedy special Wanda Sykes: I’ma Be Me. Alex looked stunning in a black dress and Wanda looked sharp in a black suit. They held hands and kissed for the cameras.
  • In 2014, they participated in the NOH8 Campaign, a photographic project that promotes marriage equality and human rights. They posed with duct tape over their mouths and NOH8 written on their cheeks. They also wore matching white T-shirts that said “I love my wife” and “I love my husband”.
  • In 2016, they attended the GLAAD Media Awards, where Wanda received the Stephen F. Kolzak Award for her work as an LGBTQ advocate. Alex accompanied her on stage and gave her a hug and a kiss as she accepted the award. Wanda thanked her for being her rock and her inspiration.
  • In 2019, they appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show together and talked about their family life, their travels, and their pets. They also played a game of “Who’s More Likely To” and revealed some funny facts about each other. They made Ellen and the audience laugh with their witty banter and chemistry.

Social Media Presence:

For a wife of a global icon, Alex Sykes has little online presence. She has a LinkedIn account where she updates regular information on her professional life. A strong supporter of her husband’s career, Alex is believed to be an equally strong supporter of the LGBTQ community. And even though she keeps to herself when it comes to her personal life, she can be seen on red carpets now and then supporting Wanda. Alex Sykes has a social media presence mainly on Instagram, where she posts pictures and videos of her life with Wanda Sykes and their twins. She also occasionally appears on Wanda’s social media accounts, such as Facebook and Twitter.

Wiki/Bio Facts:

Full nameAlexandra Niedbalski Sykes
Date of birthN/A
Place of birthFrance
SpouseWanda Sykes (m. 2008)
ChildrenOlivia Lou Sykes (daughter), Lucas Claude Sykes (son)
Net worth$3 million USD (estimated)
Full name (spouse)Wanda Yvette Sykes
Date of birth (spouse)March 7, 1964
Place of birth (spouse)Portsmouth, Virginia, USA
Nationality (spouse)American
Height (spouse)5 ft 2 in (157 cm)
Profession (spouse)Actress, comedian, writer
Previous spouse (spouse)Dave Hall (m. 1991; div. 1998)
Awards (spouse)Primetime Emmy Award, American Comedy Award, GLAAD Media Award, BET Comedy Award, etc.
Notable works (spouse)The Chris Rock Show, The New Adventures of Old Christine, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Black-ish, etc.
Coming out as lesbian (spouse)November 2008 at a same-sex marriage rally in Las Vegas
Birth of twinsApril 27, 2009

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