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Diane Pol has been a driving force in Dr. Pol’s success as one of the nation’s top veterinary doctors. Best known for her marriage to Dr. Pol and her work on the TV series, The Incredible Dr. Pol, Diane maintains a quiet figure and is rarely outspoken. She has been married to Dr. Pol for half a century and has been instrumental in his rise. While Diane has made several appearances in front of the camera, she is shy by nature and rarely gives out interviews. In this article, we will take a closer look at the wiki-bio of Diane Pol. 

Early Life:

Diane Pol was born on the 6th of February, 1944, in Mayville, Michigan. Born and raised in Michigan, Diane spent most of her early life in the countryside. The only child in the family, Diane attended the Mayville Community High and later enrolled at Michigan State University, and graduated with a degree as a reading specialist.

Diane Pol cast of The Incredible Dr. Pol


Following her time at the University, Diane began teaching at Harbor Beach Elementary Schools. When Pol Veterinary Services was established in 1981, Diane took to the managerial role and started looking after the paperwork. Since her early years, Diane has been instrumental in helping Dr. Pol reach the position he finds himself in. Apart from her work with Dr. Pol, Diane also works as an Independent Beauty Consultant at the American cosmetic company MARY KAY.

Meeting Dr. Pol:

Diane and Dr. Pol met in 1961 when Dr. Pol had moved to Michigan as a transfer student. The pair became good friends early on and kept in touch even after Dr. Pol moved to the Netherlands in 1962. After a few years, Diane moved to the Netherlands and stayed with Dr. Pol’s family. The pair began dating soon after and moved to Michigan together. 

“I liked the idea that he knew a lot about travel and other countries, and of course being from another country, but the Europeans travel around a lot over there. So that intrigued me, but he was always…how do I want to say it? He cared for other people, he was always kind and I liked his wit and his intelligence.”

Diane Pol with her husband Dr. Pol

The duo tied the knot in 1967 and stayed in the Netherlands so that Dr. Pol could finish his degree. After Dr. Pol graduated from the Utrecht University Veterinary program in 1970, the pair decided to move to Michigan. Right from her early years, Diane has been instrumental in Dr. Pol’s success. Not only did she encourage him to start a private practice, but she also helped him with the paperwork, something she does to date. Eventually, Diane was also cast on the series “The Incredible Dr. Pol” which has around 17 seasons. 


Diane is also the mother to three lovely children, Diane Jr., Charles, and Kathy Pol. All three of the kids were adopted by Diane and Dr. Pol and the pair have no kids of their own. Diane Jr is their eldest daughter, Kathy Pol is the middle child, and Charles Pol is the youngest of three children. Charles and Kathy were adopted right from birth while Diane Jr lived with them from the age of 8 and was officially adopted at the age of 18.

Diane shares German heritage on her mother’s side and Scottish heritage from her father. While she revealed in one of the episodes that she would like to visit Scotland and discover heritage, she has not quite managed the feat.

Dr. Pol with his wife Diane Pol and children


Full Name:Diane K. Dalrymple Pol
Place of BirthMayville, Michigan
BirthdateFebruary 6, 1944
OccupationReality TV actor, Office Manager, Reading Specialist
Net worth$ 5 Million
SpouseJan Harm Pol
ChildrenCharles Pol, Kathy Pol, Diane Jr.
Star SignAquarius
Social Media HandleFacebook


Who is Diane Pol?

Diane Pol features in National Geography TV show “The Incredible Dr. Pol” as Dr. Pol’s wife. Apart from her role in the reality Tv series she is also is a reading specialist and an office manager of the Pol Veterinary Service.

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