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An American-Canadian political commentator, media host, and comedian, Steven Crowder found fame after his podcast Louder With Crowder blew up on YouTube. An avid supporter of the Republican government, Crowder discusses the socio-political issues in the US and offers a few solutions. While Crowder saw a massive rise in fame following the presidency of Donal Trump, he has got into a few legal troubles for his actions. His channel was under investigation from YouTube, over his repeated use of racist and homophobic slurs to describe journalist Carlos Maza. While the channel was not suspended, it was demonetized with a note that the channel would be monetized after Crowder addressed all the issues with his channel.

Early Life:

Steven Blake Crowder was born on the 7th of 1987, in Detroit, Michigan. Son of Darrin S. Crowder & Francine Crowder. His family moved to Montreal, Quebec, where he attended the Centennial Regional High School. He then attended Champlain College. Early on in his career, Crowder worked as a voice actor for the character Alan “The Brain” Powers on the children’s television series Arthur. He started doing regular standup at the 17 years of age, and also got a chance to work on a few movies. He played the role of Doug Moore in the 2009 movie To Save a Life, and also worked for Fox News from 2009 to 2012. 

Steven Crowder

Involvement in Politics:

From around 2009, Crowder began using YouTube as a platform for his political opinions. He regularly posted satirical videos on politically conservative media, including Pajamas Media and later at Andrew Breitbart’s Big Hollywood. 

While Crowder worked in Fox News from 2009 to 2012, he was dropped from the news channel after he made negative statements about Fox News host Sean Hannity and Fox News. He continued his YouTube career following the departure and was later regularly featured on Conservative Review’s new streaming service, CRTV. Crowder is currently hosted on Glenn Beck’s TheBlaze, after CRT merged with it. 

Internet Meme:

At this point, everyone has come across the ‘change my mind meme.’ While the meme has undergone significant changes, it was Crowder who began the wave. The first table was set up on Texas Christian University with the signboard that read, “Male Privilege is a Myth / Change My Mind.” Since then, Change My Mind, has been a regular segment on his podcast. After Crowder uploaded the image on Twitter, it quickly became viral and was considered as one of the best memes of 2014.

YouTube Investigation:

In June of 2019, YouTube started an investigation on Crowder’s channel after it was revealed that Crowder used racist and homophobic slurs to target Carlos Maza in multiple videos, where he reacted to the Vox series Strikethrough, which is hosted by Maza. It was revealed that Crowder addressed Maza as “Mr. Lispy queer”, an “angry little queer”, and a “gay Mexican” while using a stereotypical gay voice to mock Maza.

After an investigation, YouTube concluded that while the views were hurtful, they meant no harm nor did they incite viewers to hate Maza. The channel was not suspended which caused a large outrage in several communities. YouTube later decided to demonetize Crowder’s channel citing a series of erroneous behaviors on his part. After more than a year the channel was remonetized in 2020.

Steven Crowder wife & kids:

A married man, Crowder tied the knot with his wife, Hilary, in August of 2012. Little is known about his wife and she has never made an appearance in popular media. Following his marriage to Hillary, Crowder wrote about the benefits of remaining abstinent before his marriage. Even though Crowder & his wife have been married for a long time they are yet to welcome their first child.

Net Worth:

As of 2020, Steven Crowder has a net worth recorded at USD 3 Million.

Wiki/Bio Facts:

Full NameSteven Blake Crowder
BirthdateJuly 7, 1987
BirthplaceDetroit, Michigan, United States
ParentsDarrin S. Crowder, Francine Crowder
EducationChamplain College, Centennial Regional High School
ProfessionActor,  Commentator, Youtuber
Net Worth$3 million
Marital StatusMarried
Wife Hilary Crowder(m. 2012)

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