Life Below Zero cast Agnes Hailstone: Wiki-Bio, Career, marriage, children

The matriarch of the Hailstone family, Agnes has lived in Alaska all her life. A descendant of the Inupiak clan, Agnes is the only one who is legally allowed to hunt on the land. It was only after his marriage to Agnes that Chip could hunt in Alaska. Born and raised in Alaska, Agnes is well acquainted with the dangers of living in Alaska and has made sure her family remains on the safe side of the Alaskan winters. Strong, skillful, and an expert hunter, Agnes is a can-do-it-all mom. In this article, we will take a closer look at the wiki-bio of Agnes Hailstone. 

Early Beginnings of Agnes Hailstone:

Agnes Hailstone was born on the 14th of June 1972, in Noorvik, Alaska. A direct descendant of the Inupiak clan, Agnes learned hunting and fishing at a very young age and has kept at it ever since. Like most of the women in the Inupiak clan, Agnes has a tattoo on her chin which is believed to signify puberty and availability to be married. 

Agnes Hailstone

When Agnes was 19 years of age, she tied the knot with an identified man. While the pair’s marriage did not last, they did have two sons, John and Doug. Both of her sons have long abandoned life in Alaska and have taken to the world beyond the snow. 

Meeting Chip and Marriage:

Shortly after her divorce from her first husband, Agnes met Chip Hailstone who was in Alaska for a temporary visit. The pair fell in love and Chip decided to settle down in Alaska for good. The pair tied the knot sometime in the 1990s and have five daughters. Of the five, Iriqtaq and Tinmiaq, have moved on from their hut in Alaska and Iriqtaq enrolled in college in 2015. The other three, Mary, Caroline, and Qutan, are still living with their parents in Alaska but have continued their education. 

Agnes Hailstone with her husband and children

Life Before Zero:

Agnes has accompanied Chip in all of the seasons of the survival reality series, Life Below Zero. She even starred in the 10th season of the series, when Chip was sentenced to prison and Agnes had to take over the hunting duties. Over the years, Agnes has developed a massive fan following and is known for her skill and tact. Always the supportive wife, Agnes is credited for making sure that the family always stays in one place and have a home to come back to. 

A do-it-all kinda mom:

Season 10 of Life Before Zero proved to be the hardest trial for Agnes. Chip was sent to prison for lying to the police and had to spend 15-months behind bars. After Chip’s incarceration, it fell upon Agnes and the younger ones to make sure that they had enough food to last the winter. Agnes stayed true to the challenge and made sure that not only did the family have everything they needed for the winter, but they also had enough to welcome Chip when he was released. While Agnes made sure her family was well fed, she did miss Chip during the long winter. Talking about the ordeal, Agnes revealed,

Agnes hailstone with his husband Chip Hailstone

“While we been patiently waiting for Chip to come home, we’ve decided to go out hunting. So hopefully, when my husband finally gets home, we can have something fresh waiting for him. The last 10 months have been pretty long and sad with Chip being gone. Food didn’t taste good, coffee didn’t taste good. But I got through it. I had my daughters with me and they’ve actually gone from walking behind me to walking by my side and hunting with me. It’s been really awesome watching these girls in the last year grow up… We survived, we’ve improved, and now we’re just a lot stronger.” 

Agnes Hailstone Facts:

Name:Agnes Q Hailstone
Place of Birth Noorvik, Alaska
Age48 years
Birthdate14th of June 1972
OccupationReality TV actor
HusbandChip Hailstone [Edward Hailstone]
KidsTinmiaq, Iriqtaq, Mary, Caroline, and Qutan Hailstone, Douglas Carter, Jon Carter

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