Who is Johnny Carson’s wife Alexis Maas? Past Affair, marriage, children.

Even years after his passing, Johnny Carson continues to be an instrumental figure in television history. A talk show host, Johnny has not only inspired the hosts of today but has also set a standard that hosts try to meet. But for all his success in his professional life, Johnny didn’t have the best of personal life. Marred by four marriages, several flings, and the early death of his children, Johnny suffered immensely from his personal life. But during his later years, Johnny found solace in the arms of Alexis Maas. His fourth wife, who was relatively unknown before being married to Johnny. In this article, we will take a closer look at the wiki-bio of Alexis Maas.

Who is Alexis Mass?

Alexis Maas, born in 1952, is an American heiress and socialite. Born and raised in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, little is known about Maas’s early life. Details on her early life, family, and academic associations have been kept secret from the media. In terms of her career, Maas is presumed to have been a stockbroker before she met and married Johnny Carson.

Johnny Carson wife Alexis Maas

Meeting Johnny and Marriage:

Maas and Johnny met sometime during the early 1980s. The pair met at a beach near Johnny’s Malibu home and began dating shortly after. Johnny was just coming off from a divorce with Joanna Holland, whereas Maas was an unknown figure in the media.

Maas who was in her 30s had a massive age-gap with Carson who was already nearing his 60s. The pair tied the knot on the 20th of June 1987, in Malibu, California, officiated by Judge William Hogaboom, and with Carson’s brother Dick as the only witness.


While Johnny Carson was the ideal show host everybody loved and admired, his personal life was far from the case. Years after his death, Johnny’s former lawyer and confidant, Henry Bushkin, published a book with stories from Carson’s dark side. The stories painted Carson away from the media image of a darling talk show host.

In the book, Bushkin talked about one of the instances when he and his then-girlfriend Mary Hart joined the pair for a yacht trip. When Carson found one of Maas’s comment irritating or not to his liking, he made sure she knew it. He reprimanded Maas in front of her friends by saying,

“We’ve been married for three weeks. If you say something like that again, this marriage won’t last another three weeks.”

But this was not the first time Carson had said something of a similar nature to his wives. His first marriage to Jody Wolcott was filled with cases of physical abuse and infidelity. Even though the pair had three children Christopher, Cory, and Richard, they all died on June 21, 1991, during a car accident.

Johnny Carson Wives before Alexis Maas:

Talking about Johnny Carson’s first marriage it lasted nearly a decade. Johnny married Jody Morrill Walcott on October 1, 1949, in North Platte, Nebraska. However, the marriage was far from perfect, marred by physical abuse and infidelity. The pair eventually went a separate way in 1959. The divorce was finalized in 1969. Jody goes onto marry  Donald Buckley in 1970.

Johnny Carson second wife Joanne Copeland

Carson married his second wife, actress Joanne Copeland, the same year he divorced Jody. While the pair looked an exemplary couple on-screen, their marriage was filled with arguments as both Carson and Copeland had strong characters. The pair divorced in 1972. Copeland passed away at the age of 83, on May 8, 2015 ion Los Angeles, California.

Carson married his third wife, model Joanna Holland in 1972. The pair stayed together for 13 years before calling things off in 1985. Carson then married Alexis Maas and the pair were together until Carson’s last breath.

How Rich is Alexis Maas?

Having suffered a heart attack at the age of 74, Carson had to undergo a quadruple-bypass surgery. In January of 2005, at age 79, Carson died of respiratory failure caused by emphysema. Carson and Alexis had no children of their own. All three children he had from first wife Jody died in a car accident. It leaves the question of who inherited his incredible $300 M net worth. Since there are no major charity donation records, likely the inheritance was passed to Alexis Mass.

Alexis Maas Wiki/Bio Facts:

Full NameAlexis Maas
BirthplacePittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States
Marital StatusWidowed
Husband Alexis Maas (m. 1987–2005)
Net Worth$300 million (likely)

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