Who is Robert Herjavec ex-wife Diane Plese? Cause of divorce?

Of all the Shark Tanks, Robert Herjavec is the more easy-going one. A self-made millionaire, Robert is often shown to be the sympathizing kind. And while his professional life tells tales about his hard work and determination, his personal life less so. He was accused of infidelity by his first wife which resulted in his marriage of two decades coming to an abrupt stop. His brief relationship with Danielle Vasinova, with whom he allegedly cheated in Diane, didn’t end well. While Robert is happily married to Kym Johnson at the moment, the last five years have definitely hit him the hardest. But unlike both of his relationships, Robert’s first wife, Diane, actually helped him establish the million-dollar empire he holds today. In this article, we will take a closer look at the wiki-bio of Diane Plese.

Early Life:

Diane Plese was born in 1959, in Parkdale, Toronto, Canada. Born to Croatian immigrants, her parents moved to Canada sometime before Diane was born. Born and raised in Canada, little is known about Daine’s early life. Following her graduation from high school, Daine enrolled at medical school and specialized in Optometry.

Robert Herjavec ex-wife Diane Plese

Meeting Robert and Marriage:

Diane and Robert met in 1985 when Diane was just 26, years of age. Robert had an eye appointment with Diane and ended up falling in love with her. The pair began dating and Diane was impressed by Robert’s optimistic attitude.

“He’s so excited about life. How can you not want to be with someone who is so happy and motivated?”

The pair dated for five years before deciding to tie the knot in 1990 in a Croatian church in Ontario, Canada. Following their marriage, the pair went on to have three lovely kids, 2 daughters, Caprice and Skye, and a son, Brendan.


While the pair enjoyed a happy decade of marriage, things slowly began to fall apart. While Diane was impressed by Robert’s optimistic outlook on life she could no longer bear to have him smiling all the time. In an interview in 2010, Daine revealed to the National Post that his optimism was irritating.

“It’s kind of irritating. Why can’t I be that happy all the time? Everything is positive and wonderful to him. He calls me Miss Negative, but I’m the reality check.”

As things between the pair got cold, the rumors started hearing up. Several news outlets started reporting that Robert was cheating on Diane with American actress Danielle Vasinova. The extramarital affair with Danielle began in 2013 and ended in 2015 in a nasty legal battle.

After discovering news of Robert’s infidelity, Diane asked for a divorce and the pair separated soon after. And while there were plenty of rumors about the divorce, Diane never confirmed any of it.

“Robert is a caring husband and a responsible person towards his family, but I cannot live with him anymore and the reasons behind our separation will not be disclosed among the public.”

Life After divorce:

Following the divorce in 2016, Diane has erased herself from mainstream media, whereas Robert has gone on to tie the knot with Kym Johnson. In June of 2019, Robert was ordered by a judge to pay an additional sum of money to Diane that would bring the total money from the divorce up to USD 25 million.

Wiki/Bio Facts:

Full NameDiane Plese
BirthplaceParkdale, Toronto, Canada
Marital StatusDivorced
HusbandRobert Herjavec (m. 1990–2016)
ChildrenBrendan Herjavec, Skye Herjavec, Caprice Herjavec,

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