Jeff “AZN” Bonnett (Street Outlaws) Wiki-Bio, Age, Net Worth, Girlfriend

Even though Jeff Bonnett is best known for luring in unsuspecting racers to race with Farmtruck, it is not to say that he is not good behind the wheel. One of the younger guns in the group, Jeff takes on the wheel for every race on the list. A fan of the adrenaline and thrill that comes with the road, AZN rarely backs away from the challenge. While he is an expert racer on his right, his true talent shines when he fishes in racers for Farmtruck to take on. In this article, we will take a closer look at the wiki-bio of Jeff “AZN” Bonnett.

Early Life of Jeff Bonnett:

Jeffery Bonnett was born on the 3rd of August, 1981, in Oklahoma, the U.S. Born and raised in Oklahoma, Jeffery was introduced to the world of cars by his father. While his father, Denis Bonnett, served the States during the Vietnam war, his mother, Motsu Bonnett, is originally from Taiwan. The youngest child in the family, AZN has an elder sister, Brenda Bonnet.

Jeff “AZN” Bonnett from Street Outlaws

Interested in street racing from a very young age, AZN bought his first car while he was in high school. While his father paid for the 1964 Chevy II NOVA, AZN promised to pay him back the $2,800. After graduating from high school, AZN worked in graphic designing and would paint house address on the curb so that it could be located easily in cases of emergency. AZN lost both of his parents during his early years. His mother passed away from cancer when he was 16 years of age, and his father passed away due to a heart valve failure in 2001. Following the death of his parents, AZN struck a partnership with Farmtruck and the duo have been together since.

Street Outlaws:

After learning the ins and outs of his car from his father, AZN took to the road and started racing. AZN also learned customization from his father as the duo put up a V-8 engine in his 1964 Chevy. Over the years, AZN performed a series of modifications on the show and has since moved on from his Chevy to a Beetle. He currently sits on the wheel of The Dung Beetle and has won a fair share of races. AZN is also a regular cast member of the TV series, Street Outlaws, and has formed a duo with Farmtruck. While AZN has gathered worldwide fame from the series, he has a hard time believing that.

“We had no idea the show would take off the way it has, and the fact that we have fans out here in South Africa is mind-blowing. We are still amazed with every season when the show just picks up more each time. To the guys in Cape Town, tell them we say thank you very much, we appreciate it.”

Relationship with Farmtruck:

AZN and Farmtruck met during a race and were racing against each other. Around the time, Farmtruck held the title for King of the Street. Even though AZN lost the race, Farmtruck took interest in him and showed him the modifications he had made to his truck. The pair struck an amazing partnership and complemented each other’s skills perfectly.

AZN and Farmtruck

As far as AZN’s personal life goes, there is little to no information on the subject. He is rarely seen with anyone other than Farmtruck and little is known about his romantic relationships.

Jeff Bonnett Wiki Facts

Full NameJeffery Bonnett
Date of Birth3rd of August, 1981
Place of BirthOklahoma, U.S
ProfessionTV star of Street Outlaws, Racer
Zodiac SignN/A
ParentsDenis Bonnett, Motsu Bonnett
Net Worthover $1 million

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