Why did Rich Lewis left Mountain Men? Wiki-Bio, Family, Career.

There are not a lot of people in the Ruby Valley in southwest Montana, that have not heard of Rich Lewis. A hard-core survivalist, Lewis possesses a unique skill set that makes him different from the other Mountain Men. Long before Mountain Men made Lewis a celebrity, he was hailed as a local hero for successfully driving away mountain lions from the local villages. Having lived in the Ruby Valley for two decades, Lewis has seen and fought his way through more than a couple of wild lion appearances. Even though he left the show after the sixth season, Lewis is still respected for his skills as one of the mountain men.

Rich Lewis Leaving the show:

The last time Lewis was seen on-screen was on the final episode of the sixth season of Mountain Men. However, as the second season got underway, Lewis was nowhere to be seen. This alarmed fans who feared that Lewis was fired from the show. The network refused to come up with any official statement and it was Lewis who later revealed that he had left the show because the lifestyle no longer suited him. While some fans were satisfied with Lewis’s explanation, many suspected that Lewis was fired from the show. Others believed that Lewis was stepping down from his role as a mountain hound hunter due to his age. Considering how Lewis is 66 years of age, it is not surprising for him to drop from the show and his lifestyle as a mountain hunter. Following his departure, Lewis has kept a low-profile and is rarely seen on mainstream media.

Rich Lewis: Early Life

Rich Lewis was born in January of 1954 in Idaho, USA. Born and raised in Idaho, Lewis has revealed very little about his early life, siblings, and parents. He developed a passion for nature from a young age and spent most of his early life surrounded by nature. After graduating from high school, Rich settled in the Ruby Valley. Over the years, Rich developed a unique set of skills relating to tracking and hunting wildlife.

Mountain Men Rich Lewis

Life in the mountains:

As one of the veteran hunters, Lewis rarely makes mistakes. From his early years, Lewis would regularly hunt elks with his dogs. After realizing that he had to find mountain lions if he was to succeed in his hunt, Lewis began looking for ways to chase mountain lions. After Lewis succeeded in driving a mountain lion away from the village and was hailed as a local hero, he was scouted by the executive producers of Mountain Men to work on the series. He joined the cast in 2012 and stayed for six seasons. During the fourth season of the series, Lewis lost his dog, Roxie, after she was mauled by mountain lions.

Personal Life:

Rich Lewis is happily married to Diane Lewis and the pair have been together for over 30 years. Even though the pair have been together for quite a while, Rich has never shared any news of his children. Diane accompanied Rich to the Ruby Valley and continues to live with him in the cabin.

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