Swamp People cast Aaron Lee and Brock Theriot: Wiki-Bio

As the new generation of gator hunters, Aron Lee, and Brock Theriot have a lot to prove if they hope to go head to head against the veteran swamp hunters. Aged 20, Aron Lee is still a greenhorn when it comes to hunting gators. On the other hand, Brock Theriot has been hunting gators alongside his grandfather ever since he was old enough to accompany him to the swamp. And while the duo seems too young to be out hunting gators, their skills say otherwise. In this article, we will take a closer look at the wiki-bio of Aaron Lee and Brock Theriot. 

Brock Theriot: wiki-bio

The captain of the boat, this is Brock’s first outing as a captain. Born on the 8th of March 2000, Brock is just 20-years of age. Born and raised in a family of gator hunters, Brock has rarely missed a gator hunting season ever since he was old enough to accompany his grandfather. Following his graduation from the Houma Christian High School, Brock continued his studies and enrolled at University. A baseball fanatic, Brock plays for the Delgado Community College as a right-handed pitcher. While he hopes of taking his baseball career to the next level, he is also passionate about gator hunting. While he is presumed to be in a relationship, details on his girlfriend are hard to come by. 

Swamp People cast Brock Theriot

Aaron Lee: wiki-bio

Aaron Lee may have followed his best friend into the swamp, but he is no stranger to hunting. Born in 2000, Aaron also comes from  Thibodaux, Louisiana. Unlike Brock, Aaron graduated from the Thibodaux High School and went off to Nicholas State University. Aaron and Brock have known each other since their early years and have been best friends for more than a decade. The duo shares the same love for baseball and while Brock is actively playing the sport, Aaron teaches baseball to a local team. When it comes to life, Aaron lives by the principal  Lache Pas La Patate, which means to not give up easily. He is currently dating Gabrielle Hodson, and the pair have been together since high school. 

Swamp people cast Aaron Lee

From shooting ducks to hunting gators:

Both Aaron and Brock are no strangers to hunting. While Brock has been hunting gators all his life, Aaron is a huge fan of hunting ducks. A sharpshooter, Aaron rarely misses a hunting season and posts regular updates of his hunting exploits. While Aaron is true to his aim, he leaves shooting gators up to Brock. Aaron is responsible for bringing the gators in line, whereas Brock is the one pulling the trigger. 

Aaron Lee and Brock Theriot

When the executive producers of Swamp People were looking for new hunters, they came across Brock and asked him to join the series. Brock invited his best friend Aaron to join the hunt and the duo made their debut appearance on the 10th season of the show. While their first two seasons went off without a hitch, the duo has much to learn. Brock often visits his grandfather if he needs any advice or has stumbled upon a new problem he sees no way out of. 

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