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For the longest time, Andy Basich could be found camping in the Yukon Riker of Eagle, Alaska. A fan of the outdoors, Andy has lived away from the modern amenities all his life. His day to day comings and goings were documented in the survival reality TV series, Life Below Zero. One of the older heads to be featured on the series, Andy was the best at surviving in the Alaskan winter, a skill he had picked up after spending years in the harshness of the Alaskan mountains. However, Andy sustained a hip injury and decided to move to Calico Bluff to take some time off from his life in the outdoors. In this article, we will take a closer look at the wiki-bio of Andy Bassich.

Early Life of Andy Bassich:

Andy Bassich was born on the 25th of January 1958 in Washington D.C. His family relocated to Wheaton, Maryland, and Andy attended the John F. Kennedy High. During his early years in Wheaton, Andy developed a love for the outdoors and spent most of his time exploring. After graduating in 1976, Andy started traveling and made his way across the country. Around the time Andy turned his traveling shoes to Alaska, his sister was getting married in Wheaton. So, he returned to Maryland and took up carpentry jobs to support the family.

Life Below Zero Cast Andy Bassich

Moving to Alaska:

Andy moved to Alaska in the 1980s after helping his sister settle down. After staying in Anchorage for two years, Andy moved to Eagle and settled down in Yukon Riker. Upon his arrival in Eagle, Andy traded a truckload of wood for his first dog, Muzzle. He learned the skills of trapping and mushing from a local trapper and also acquired a Coast Guard Merchant Marine Captain License. He also served as the Yukon riverboat captain for 20 years.

First wife and Life Below Zero:

Andy met his first wife Kate Rorke Bassich at Dawson City in 2003. Andy was the captain of the boat where Kate was traveling. The pair dated for a short while and decided to tie the knot soon after. Following the marriage, Kate moved from Canada to Calico Bluff and helped Andy in raising sled dogs and also running dog mushing school.

Andy Bassich with his ex-wife Kate Rorke Bassich

In 2013, Andy was cast on the survival TV series, Life Before Zero. Kate accompanied Andy as the main cast and the pair had an ideal relationship. But over the years, the relationship deteriorated and fans pointed out the torrent of verbal and emotional abuse Andy targeted towards Kate. The duo split in 2015 and was divorced by 2016. Following the split, Kate moved to Canada.

Andy Bassich Accident update:

In the winter of 2018, Andy sustained a hip injury and had to take some time off from being an outdoorsman. Andy sustained the injury after he tried to move a snow machine that was stuck in the show. Updating his fans on his health, Andy revealed,

“I ended up with two infections — one in the muscle, one in the bone — and it almost killed me. It’s time to get back to my home in Calico Bluff, play a little bit of catch up this summer with getting my dogs back down there, getting my house back in order… It’s been unmanned and unguarded for six months so I have no idea what kind of conditions I’m going to be walking into. It’s going to be challenging to get everything done using crutches.”

Andy Bassich with his girlfriend Denise

After his injury, Andy moved to Florida and lived with his girlfriend, Denise Becker. The pair met three years ago on a canoe trip in Florida and have been together ever since. While Andy has faced his fair share of troubles while living in Alaska, he wouldn’t have it any other way. As the man puts it,

“At about age 22, I just had this really deep feeling that I needed to move to Alaska. A gut feeling that told me I needed to go to Alaska. My grandmother just encouraged me to go and live my dream when I was young. I took that advice and moved up here. And I never regret it; I never look back. This is the place I’m supposed to be.”

Andy Bassich Facts:

Name:Andy Bassich
Place of BirthWashington D.C, United States
BirthdateJanuary 25, 1958
OccupationReality TV Star, Musher, Carpenter
Net worth$250,000
Spouse/PartnerKate Rorke Bassich (divorced), Denise Becker


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