Mountain Monsters Jacob “Buck” Lowe Wiki-bio, Wife, Net worth

Known by his nickname ‘Buck’, Jacob Lowe is instantly recognized amongst the cast of Mountain Men. His bulky frame and sense of humor keep the show light-hearted for everyone to enjoy. Often the first one in the line of fire, Jacob is equipped with his signature rifle and is more than capable of taking down a few monsters on his own. While he has excelled at hunting for the last few seasons, Jacob was a complete rookie when he first began Mountain Monsters and was afforded the nickname rookie, before being afforded a new nickname, Buck. In this article, we will take a closer look at the life of Jacob Lowe. 

Early Life of Jacob Lowe:

As far as his wiki-bio goes, Jacob Lowe is a complete mystery. There are no details about his early life, parents, siblings, and even academics. Jacob has never revealed how and where his passion for nature took hold. From the way things looked in the first season, it is safe to say that exploring was not Jacob’s priority when he was young. It was much later in life that Jacob discovered the joy of exploration and started searching for strange sightings. 

Mountain Monster Jacob ‘Buck’ Lowe

Jacob Lowe as Mountain Monster:

Jacob first joined the cast of Mountain Monsters for the show’s very first season which began airing on the 22nd of June, 2013. One of the new appearances in the series, Jacob had no prior contact with the Appalachian Investigators of Mysterious Sightings. As a result, Jacob’s casting caused a lot of worry amongst long-time followers of the group. Nicknamed as a rookie for his first few seasons on board, Jacob did not have the best track records with the gun and had a fair share of problems keeping up with the rest of the team. 

Cast of Mountain Monsters

However, as the seasons progressed, Jacob began learning the tricks of the trade and quickly established his credibility amongst the fans. Since the death of John Tice, Jacob has stepped up his game which can be best seen on the 6th season of the show which had a run time from August 21, 2019, to November 20, 2019. Jacob also graduated from his nickname as the “Rookie” to “Buck”, a nickname that suited his bulky frame and his tendency to jump-in in any situation. 

A shady character:

But for all his work on the show, there have been increasing rumors that Jacob is an actor and was brought on the show to make sure that the scripted parts of the series were carried out well. Things were made even confusing by Jacob’s appearance in Murder in the park. This led many fans to think that Jacob is an actor and does not share the same passion for wildlife, nature, and mysterious sightings as his AIMS counterparts. Regardless, Jacob and the team have continued to make an appearance on the series and recently wrapped up the ninth season of the show.

Personal Life:

Aking to his early life, little is known about Jacob’s personal life. Jacob is married to Christine Stein and has tied the knot on May 12, 2018, in Omaha, USA. The happy couple seems to enjoy their life off camera. A man of few words, Jacob rarely gives out interviews and is not too keen on sharing personal details of his life.

Wiki/Bio facts

Full nameJacob ‘Buck’ Lowe
Date of BirthUnder review
Place of BirthWest Virginia, USA.
ProfessionActor, Hunter, Fisherman, Reality Documentary star
Net worth$600,000
WifeChristine Stein
Zodiac SignUnknown


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