Terral Evans left Swamp People? Wiki-bio, Family, Divorce, net worth.

Terral Evans and Troy Landry make the perfect team. Two of the veteran gator hunters on the show, Terral and Troy come from a family of gator hunters. While Troy is the undoubted king of the swamp, Terral is not too far behind. Even though his tags often match-up with other veteran gator hunters, Terral has a distinct style that keeps him in a class of his own. While most gator hunters depend on the modern tools for hunting gators, Terral uses his bare hands, a technique that was passed down by his grandfather. In this article, we take a closer look at the wiki-bio of Terral Evans. 

Early Life:

Terral Evans was born on the 13th of May, 1957, in Louisiana. Born and raised in the swamp, Terral comes from a generation of gator hunters and followed his grandfather to the swamp. As a young kid, Terral would often journey to the Pearl River to practice his skills. He spent most of his time on the Honey Island Swamp and was taught the basics of hunting alligators with bare hands by his grandfather. While little is known about his parents, Terral draws inspiration from his grandfather and was close to both of his grandparents. 

Terral Evans from Swamp People

Marine Corps to Gator Hunting:

Born and raised in the swamp all his life, Terral is no stranger to harsh environmental conditions. During his early teens, Terral joined the marine corps and served for a couple of years. After retiring from service, Terral moved to Louisiana and began working as a project manager. For over three decades, Terral moved back and forth between his job at the Oil and Chemical Industry and gator hunting. He would make the trip to the swamp for 30 days of gator hunting and would spend the rest of the year on the job. 

Swamp People:

After three decades of going back and forth, Terral decided to leave his job for good and started focusing solely on gator hunting. A veteran hunter, Terral filled his tags in no time and has since established himself as one of the ablest and skillful gator hunters in all of Louisiana. But unlike the traditional gator hunters, Terral relocated the gators to the Honey Island Swamp. As of now, Terral is actively working with the Mississippi based Wildlife Conservative and Fisheries to relocate the gators instead of killing them. Given his disdain for the modern tools to hunt gators, Terral is the perfect person to relocate gators. 

In 2010, Terral was approached by the executive producers of the discovery channel to work on a brand new series, Swamp People. Terral fancied the idea and signed up for the show. While he had an amazing run for the first five seasons, he was asked to leave the show at the end of the 5th season. The management had changed hands and Terral had to leave the show dissatisfied. However, his departure didn’t last long and Terral was back in the series after missing out on a few seasons. As of now, Terral wrapped up the 11th season of the show and is sure to come back for the 12th. 

Personal Life:

Terral Evans is happily married to Chayo Evans. He was previously married to Dana Holyfield, and the pair had a son Jeremy Evans and a daughter, Ava Evans. The duo split up in 2016 and Terral tied the knot to  Chayo Evans. The pair are yet to have any kids.

Terral Evans with his newly married wife Chayo Evans

Terral Evans Wiki/Bio

NameTerral Evans
Date of Birth13th of May, 1957
Birth Place Louisiana, United States
Spouse/PartnerChayo Evans, Dana Holyfield(Divorce)
ChildrenAva Evans and Jeremy Evans
Net Worth$1 million
Social mediaTerral Evans (Facebook)

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