Ashley Jones untold journey to Swamp People, Miscarriage, Father death.

As the only female cast member of Swamp People, Ashley Jones has a lot riding on her shoulder. A sharpshooter, Ashley is true with her aim and works as the shooter for veteran gator hunter Ronnie Adams. While Ashley is enjoying amazing success at the present, her road to success was not as easy as she would have liked it to be. The mother of three struggled with mental issues and was lost after a miscarriage. Fortunately for Ashley, her husband came through at the most difficult time and made sure that Ashley never lost her way. In this article, we will take a closer look at what little is known about Ashley Jones.

Bits and pieces:

Ashley Brumfield Jones was born on the 25th of November at an unspecified date. Not much is known about her early life. She spent most of her early life alongside her mother, Cindy, and little is known about her father Sidney M. Brumfield and siblings. Recently her father passed away on Feb 10, 2021. Her academic details continue to remain a mystery, very much like her early life.

Ashley Jones with her husband Chad Jones

Ashley Jones journey From depression to hunting:

In 2014, Ashley suffered from a miscarriage which sent her to the pits of despair. For three months, Ashley suffered from depression without knowing anything about it.

“It was like I was dead inside. It was like just going through the motions of life without getting anything back from it. It was a hormonal imbalance and that’s normal, but I didn’t have anything I was passionate about to fall back on.”

Ashley is happily married to Chad Jones and the pair have three children, two boys, Camden and Cooper and one girl Addison.

Ashley Jones with her parents, husband Chad Jones and children

While Ashley still carried on with her day-to-day life and care for her family, she had nothing to fall back on. Nothing to make her life interesting. After realizing his wife was going through stages of depression, her husband, Chad Jones, invited Ashley to go hunting. Ashley replied without much thought and the duo went off hunting the same afternoon. Like someone who had never touched a rifle, Ashley was not sure what to do with it. While her husband taught her the ropes, Ashley fumbled and had not made a kill the whole afternoon. Right before the closing time, Ashley eyed a buck but missed her shot. While she missed her shot, it ignited a passion for hunting within her. Since then, Ashley hunted an average of eight hunts a week, but that wasn’t enough. She hunted hogs and gators and was obsessed with Swamp People.

Joining the cast:

While Ashley never thought she would be on swamp people, fate had other plans. Ashley booked a hog hunt for herself and her husband with Ronnie Adams. The trio struck up an amazing friendship and when the executive producers of Swamp People were looking for more hunters, Adams recommended Ashley. Ashley quickly got away with the formalities and when the series opened up for its 10th season in September of 2018, Ashley was on the swamp with Adams. While Ashley still can’t believe she stars in Swamp People, she is forever grateful to her husband for taking her hunting that afternoon.

Ashley Jones and fellow star Ronnie Adams

“My advice to any guy who dates someone who doesn’t hunt — take them. It may bring something out in them they didn’t know about. It changed my life. It saved my life. It really did.”

Ashley Jones Wiki/Facts

Name:Ashley Brumfield Jones
Birthdate25th of November
OccupationTV personality, Hunter
Net worth$50,000
ParentsSidney M. Brumfield((father), and Cindy(mother)
SpouseChad Jones
ChildrenCamden, Cooper and Addison
Social mediaAshley Dead Eye Jones, AshleyDeadEye Jones, Ashley Brumfield Jones

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