Life Below Zero cast Erik Salitan Wiki-Bio, Career, Net worth, Left Show?

Erik Salitan operates by the philosophy that too much comfort is detrimental to one’s character. Considering that his fans are people who watch him explore the Alaskan wilderness from the comfort of their homes, we are not sure if it is the best statement to make. Regardless, Erik Salitan has abandoned all the modern amenities of life and has since made a life for himself as a hunter. He hunts every meat he eats and his skill as a tracker is best displayed when he is out hunting. In this article, we will take a closer look at the wiki-bio of Erik Salitan.

Early Life of Erik Salitan:

Erik Salitan was born on the 9th of February 1984 in the United States. Born and raised in the United States, Erik spent most of his early life in the upstate of New York, right upon the Quebec Order. Erik left New York right after graduating from Finger Lakes Community College. He moved north and landed up in Alaska where he attended the University of Alaska Fairbanks. After graduating with a degree in applied sciences, Erik decided to move further north and settled down in Wiseman, which is 67 miles away from the Arctic Circle.

Life Below Zero cast Erik Salitan

Hunting, Business, and other things:

After settling down in a tent in Wiseman, Erik took to subsistence living and washed his hands off anything and everything he felt he no longer needed. Erik began hunting from his first year in Alaska and slowly gathered the tricks of the trade. Over the years, Erik improved as a hunter and a tracker and was familiar with the Alaskan terrain. Erik then founded Bushwhack Alaska Guiding and Outfitting, alongside his wife. The company offers quality hunts to its clients and other year-round Alaskan wilderness adventures to choose from. The popularity of the lodge grew over the years, and Erik decided to expand his business by setting up two more lodges, one in Peninsula and the other in the Brooks Range.

Life Before Zero:

As Erik’s popularity and way of life became known to the outside world, it did not take long for fame to find him. In 2013, Erik was contacted by the executive producers of Life Before Zero to appear in the series which was centered around life in the wilderness. The series clicked with Erik and he agreed to make an appearance. Since 2013, Erik stayed with the series for three years before ultimately calling things off in 2016. While there was no official explanation from either side regarding Erik’s departure, many believed that Erik had a falling out with the producers and had creative differences to where they were taking the show. Other’s chose to give the producers the benefit of the doubt and believed that Erik had taken some time off from the series so that he could spend more time with the family. Regardless, Erik left the show in 2016 and has since closed all doors in a reappearance.

Personal Life:

Erik Salitan is happily married to Martha Mae Salitan. A native Alaskan, Martha was born and raised in Iliamna. She spent most of her early life hunting and fishing and is often seen helping Erik. The pair also have a son Lucas Salitan. Lucas is currently studying at the Wood River Elementary School.

Erik Salitan with his beloved wife Martha Mae Salitan and son Lucas Salitan

Erik Salitan Wiki/Facts

Name:Erik Salitan
Place of BirthUnited States of America.
BirthdateFebruary 09, 1984
OccupationTV actor, Registered Guide, Entrepreneur
Net worth$400,000
SpouseMartha Mae Salitan
ChildrenLucas Salitan
ContactBushwhack Alaska Guiding and Outfitting

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