Why did Jimmy Dorsey leave Gold Rush? Wiki-Bio, Career and Life after

Jimmy Dorsey’s time with the Hoffmans was eventful, to say the least. A greenhorn miner, Jimmy Dorsey gradually gained experience over the years and became quite good at panning. But for all his skills in discovering gold, Jimmy became the scapegoat for Todd Hoffman to make sure everyone knew who was in charge. For all his success in mining, Todd Hoffman is not known for being most concerned about the miner’s safety. This did not sit well with Jimmy who pointed out the errors. This resulted in a stern scolding for Jimmy who ultimately left the show.

Gold Rush:

Jimmy joined the Hoffmans as one of the youngest miners on the team. As a greenhorn, Jimmy was confused with the lax security measures and the obvious discard for the miner’s safety. Once, Todd’s son, Hunter Hoffman, left the meat out in the open. This was an obvious safety hazard as it would attract bears. When Jimmy scolded the young hunter for his behavior, Todd reprimanded him, which was just the beginning of a series of tribulations Jimmy faced on the show.

Jimmy Dorsey from Gold Rush

Leaving the crew:

Jimmy stayed with the Hoffman crew for a total of 80 days. During the 80 days, the crew paid no heed to Jimmy’s works. Even though Jimmy was the only one who knew how to set up a wavetable, other members would complain about its speed. After trying to speed up the wavetable, gold was lost and the crew pinned the blame on Jimmy. Things got from bad to worse, after Greg Remsburg and Jimmy got into a fistfight. At this point, Todd got involved and asked Jimmy to leave the crew. When Jimmy returned to take his things Todd pointed a rifle at him.

Jimmy later revealed that he only received USD 3,000 even though he was promised a USD 1,000 per episode. He also revealed that his departure from the show was scripted.

Cast of Gold Rush

“They knew exactly what they wanted to see out of the program. Even me leaving was scripted, but in the way in which it happened was not. The plans were made, but the footsteps were ours. They actually direct you into these situations. It became very real. That is why I actually got my ribs broke. There was a fight…not even a fight…I was assaulted by Greg. He broke my ribs. That was very real, but it was also in the script for episode four which ended up being episode six, that I would end up leaving the show.”

Life after the show:

Following his departure from Gold Rush, Jimmy has held his silence and is working in silence. In an interview, Jimmy revealed that he would continue mining and was looking at hard rock mines in Oregon. Jimmy was also presumed to be working on a new show which was never released.

Personal Life:

Jimmy Dorsey grew up in Clackamas County in Oregon. Born and raised in Oregon, Jimmy attended the Mt. Hood Community College and played the bass. He joined a few bands after leaving high school, but couldn’t make it as a musician. During his free time, Jimmy worked as a snowboard instructor. After his marriage to Joy Dorsey, Jimmy decided to settle down in Sandy but was hard hit by the recession. He also has three beautiful kids, who he brought to the mines in Alaska. Their oldest daughter is Ella, middle child is son and youngest daughter is Lena. Currently, he resides happily with his family in Happy Valley, Oregon.

Jimmy Dorsey along with his wife and children

Jimmy Dorsey Wiki Facts

NameJimmy Dorsey
Birth placeClackamas County, Oregon
SpouseJoy Dorsey
ProfessionGold miner, Realtor, Musician, Snowboard Instructor
Net worthN/A

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