Glenn Villeneuve revealed why he left Life Below Zero: Wiki-Bio, Career

Glenn Villeneuve is obsessed with the idea of being free. Best known for his role in Life Below Zero, Glenn has always enjoyed the idea of living away from the modern way of life. As he grew older, Glenn abandoned the modern amenities and took off to Alaska. An expert hunter and outdoorsmen, Glenn was a staple appearance in Life Below Zero before he was left hanging by the series. In this article, we will take a closer look at the wiki-bio of Glenn Villeneuve.

Early Life of Glenn Villeneuve:

Glenn Villeneuve was born on the 18th of March 1969, in Burlington, Vermont. Born and raised in Vermont, Glenn has revealed very little about his early life, parents, and siblings. His love for nature began from his early years and by the time Glenn was in his 20s, he had set-up a tent in Vermont. After having a great time in the tent one summer, Glenn wanted to make a lifestyle out of his occasional summer habit. He never finished school and left school in the 4th Grade. He worked on his pilot’s license after that and wanted to make it out as a bush pilot. After falling in love with Alaska on his first flight, Glenn moved to Fairbanks from Vermont and stayed there for four years before moving up towards the lake. Talking about his lifestyle, Glenn revealed,

Life Below Zero cast Glenn Villeneuve

“I’ve always been independent, and I really like the autonomy of being able to live in the wilderness by myself. I enjoy learning, and I continue to learn and explore more and more each year. It’s exciting to learn new skills and practice them. I also think the connection to nature is more real — I’d rather wake up in the morning and look out and see an owl in a nest, than look at it on TV. It’s been really rewarding for me, even if there’s a lot of work involved.”

Left Life Before Zero?

After moving to Alaska in his 20s, Glenn had to learn a lot about hunting. Over the years, Glenn improved from his insulated tent and set-up a one-room cabin for himself. After running out of food in his first few months, Glenn began mousse hunting and has been hunting ever since. For years, Glenn wanted to share his story with the world and contacted several filmmakers and producers. After one of his friends gave him an email-id of one of the executive producers for Life Before Zero, Glenn filed an e-mail but forgot all about it and the executive producer contacted Glenn and flew to the lake to see if his story checks out after 8-months. Realizing that Glenn was the real deal, they asked him to be on the show. One of the original cast members of the series, Glenn made his first appearance in 2013 and stayed with the show for a couple of years. However, Glenn fell out of favor with the producers and left the show in 2018. Talking to Joe Rogan, Glenn revealed,

“They never told me exactly. They renewed my contract, we went out and filmed one episode, and I never heard from them again. Not about, working on the show anymore.”

Personal Life:

Glenn was in a long-term relationship with his first wife Silvia Daeumichen. The pair had married before Glenn moved to Alaska and Silvia accompanied Glenn to the wilderness. The pair’s first child Willow Leaves was born in May of 2006. The pair had a second child, Wolf Song, who was born in Fair Banks. However, Glenn and Silvia called things off in 2013. While Glenn continued to live in the wilderness, Silvia moved to Fairbanks with the kids. Glenn is now in a relationship with Trisha Kazan, and the pair have a daughter, Agatha, born in June 2017.

Glenn Villeneuve along with his wife and children

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