Jane Kilcher’s Bio: Children, Wedding, Age, Family, Career.

Jane Kilcher is a new entry into the Kilcher household. A commercial fisherman, Jane has known a life in the sea for all her life. Not afraid to take on challenges, Jane is well suited for life in the homestead. She made her first appearance on the show sometime around 2014 and has been at it ever since. Happily married to Atz Lee Kilcher, Jane understands the things expected of her and is ready to prove her worth to the family. In this article, we will take a closer look at the wiki-bio of Jane Kilcher.

Early Life of Jane Kilcher:

Jane Kilcher was born on the 14th of September 1974 in Homer Alaska. One of the three Ferman children, Jane spent most of her early life alongside her parents Bob and Sarah Ferman. Jane accompanied her father to fishing and learned the tricks of the trade from a very young age. As she puts it herself, she was raised surrounded by men and storms. Her family only lived minutes away from the Kilcher Homestead and had a good relationship with the Kilchers.

Jane Kilcher

Meeting Atz Lee and Getting married:

Jane and Atz Lee Kilcher met when Jane was just 12-years of age. Even though the pair met as kids, both went their separate ways. While Atz Lee left the homestead life in search of a bigger and more concrete lifestyle, Jane stayed with her family in Alaska. While it is known that Jane had been previously married before tying the knot with Atz Lee, details on her first marriage were never made clear on the show.

Jane Kilcher with her husband Atz Lee Kilcher.

After Atz Lee’s return, the pair renewed their acquaintances and took an instant likey to each other. In talking about their romance, both Atz Lee and Jane have been candid as it was their love for music that brought the duo together. The pair tied the knot in around 2006 and Jane has bene with Atz Lee from the start of the reality TV show, Alaska: The Last Frontier.

Life in the homestead:

Ever since her marriage to Atz Lee, Jane left the comfort of Homer to move with him into the homestead. As a commercial fisherwoman, Jane perfectly complements the life of Atz Lee. While her husband supplies the animals of the land, Jane supplies the animals of the sea. She is responsible for supplying fishes for the whole family. Given how northern Alaska is home to several species of fishes like silver salmon, king salmon, red salmon, cod, trout, and many more, it is safe to say that Jane has a good time fishing. As of 2020, Jane and Atz Lee have two children, Etienne and Piper. But unlike their parents, the children don’t appear on the show and Jane has stood by her decision to not have the children on the show. As she wrote on Facebook,

“I’ve been overwhelmed lately of people realizing we have children…that are not on the show. We are so proud of our kids, Piper 14 and Etienne 16. They are not a secret. We just keep their lives private and away from the AWFUL internet trollers, etc. But as they get older you may see them (on their own volition) on an episode or two, after I have made sure they can deal with all the craziness!”

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