Who is Holly Holm ex-husband Jeff Kirkpatrick? What happened to him?

Holly Holm’s marriage was nothing like she wanted it to be. Even though Holm tried to convince herself that her marriage was okay and was not going through a disaster, the reality was quite different. When it got to a point that Holm had not been home for a year, she decided to call things off with her husband, Jeff Kirkpatrick. While Holm is best known for her accolades in the UFC ring, Jeff is not as renowned. He rose to fame following his marriage to Holly Holm. In this article, we will take a closer look at the wiki-bio of Jeff Kirkpatrick.

Early Life and career:

Jeff Kirkpatrick was born and raised in the city of Albuquerque, Mexico. Born to Vicki and Toni Kirkpatrick, Jeff spent most of his early life with his sister. After graduating from a local high school, Jeff continued with his education and enrolled at the University of New Mexico. He graduated with a major’s degree in finance and accounting and graduated with magna cum laude honors.

Holly Holm ex-husband Jeff Kirkpatrick

Following his time at University, Jeff decided to move to San Diego in hopes of having a better life. He was soon hired by ADESA Auction as its fleet/lease manage. After realizing that San Diego was not the best of places to be, he moved back to Albuquerque and joined the family business, AAA Roofing Co. Following the switch, Jeff started at a lowly position with the company and later went on to become the Vice President of Operations at the company. He currently works in the same position.

Meeting Holly, Marriage, and Divorce:

While it is not known where and when the pair met, Holly and Jeff decided to tie the knot on the 27th of April 2012, in Cancun, Mexico. The pair never had any children and enjoyed a happy married life until 2019, when they called things off.

Talking about the divorce, Holly revealed that she had been separated from her husband ever since 2018 and had not been home since. Talking about the whole ordeal, Holm revealed,

“I don’t like to carry hate it my heart. I think that is very different than having respect — I was one of those who wanted to do this collaboratively. I don’t know which divorce can be that collaborative. When I got married I didn’t get married to get divorced and there is a lot of things I was trying to convince myself were OK along the way, and it just was too much after a while. This is definitely not out of the middle of nowhere. This is something that has been quite the struggle.”

Following the split, Holm has admitted that she was back in her happy place and was ready to overcome her struggles. Following the divorce, Holm took on her maiden name. As the pair had no kids, the divorce was finalized easily and the pair had little troubles. While Holm has been candid about her experiences, Jeff, on the other hand, has erased traces of himself from the media and has chosen to spend a private life.

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