Life Below Zero cast Jessie Holmes: Wiki-bio, Career, Lawsuit.

Jessie Holmes has chased adventure ever since he was 16 years of age. A professional musher, Jessie is known for his appearance in the reality TV series, Life Below Zero. From his early appearances in 2015 to becoming a fan-favorite, Jessie has come a long way from his early years. He currently lives in Nenana, Alaska, and owns a team of 38 sled dogs. While there are a few racers who can best Jessie in a sled race, Jessie didn’t always have it as good as he has it today. In this article, we will take a closer look at the wiki-bio of Jessie Holmes.

Early Life of Jessie Holmes:

Jessie Holmes was born on the 20th of February 1982 in Odenville, Alabama. Born and raised in Alabama, Jessie left home when he was 16-years of age in search of adventure. After leaving Alabama, Jessie traveled to California and continued his journey, all the way, to Montana. Jessie settled down in Montana for three years and worked as a carpenter before putting on his travel shoes once again. After calling time on his stay in Montana, Jessie moved north and took a train to Fort Nelson, in British Columbia. After hitchhiking all the way to Yukon Territory, Jessie met up with a musher and helped him run traplines with dog teams.

Life Below Zero cast Jessie Holmes

Moving to Alaska:

After a couple of years in Yukon, Jessie began his journey further north to Alaska. He arrived in Alaska in 2004 and spent his early years in Eagle, Alaska. Even though Jessie now owns a team of 38 dogs, he has not always been as successful in sled racing. Jessie ran his first 200-mile race in 2006 and came in last. After a few more disappointing races, Jessie moved to Nenana which is about 55 miles southwest of Fairbanks. In Nenana, Jessie bought the dog yard which was once owned by Jerry Riley, the 1976 Iditarod champion. Over the years, Jessie started learning about sled racing and finally managed to win the Yukon Quest 300 race in 2016. His streak continued to 2017 when Jessie bagged the first position for Kobuk 440. A major sled dog race in Alaska, winning the Kobuk 44 netted Jessie prize money of $12,858.

Jessie Holmes

Jessie was first contacted by the executive producers of Life Before Zero in 2015, almost a decade after he first moved to Alaska. He signed up for the show’s sixth season and has since made appearances in seven seasons.

Personal Life and Lawsuit:

While Jessie has revealed very little about his personal life, he reportedly had a girlfriend when he lived in Eagle. However, the duo split before Jessi was cast in Life Before Zero. Following his split, Jessie has kept mum about his relationships and does not like talking about his personal life.

In August of 2019, PETA sent a letter to the Alaska Department of Public Safety Commissioner Amanda Price to launch a criminal investigation into Jessie Holmes for an act of cruelty to dogs depicted in a video that he recently posted to Facebook. The statement from PETA read,

“These dogs were willfully placed in a cruel and dangerous situation, causing them distress and who knows what other consequences. PETA is calling for an investigation that includes an urgent medical assessment of these dogs’ condition.”

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