Chris Doumitt, accidental entry to Gold Rush: Wiki-Bio, Net Worth, Family.

Chris Doumitt stumbled into mining by accident. A veteran carpenter, Chris was introduced to mining when his long-time friend, Greg Remsburg asked Chris to build a cabin during the 1st season of the Gold Rush. Even though Chris had planned to stay for 10-days, he ended up staying for nine seasons. After building the cabin for Remsburg, Chris joined forces with the Hoffman Crew and began working for the Hoffmans for the second and third seasons. At the end of the third season, Chris shifted alliance and moved to Parker’s crew and has established himself as one of the most reliable and capable personnel in the crew.

Early Life of Chris Doumitt:

Chris Doumitt was born in 1959 in the United States. Even though Chris was born and raised in the united states, he shares Arab descent with his parents. Little is known about Chris’s early life and details on his parents, siblings, and education have been kept a secret from the media.

Chris Doumitt from Gold Rush

From Carpeting to Mining:

Little is known about Chris’s early years including details about how he got into carpenting. By the time Chris made an appearance in Gold Rush, he was a master carpenter and also owned a line of cigars, Doumitt Gold Cigars. Chris was first featured in Gold Rush in the show’s first season. In 2010, he was asked to build a cabin for Greg Remsburg and his family. While the job was scheduled to take a total of 10-days, but Chris stayed with the Hoffmans crew for five months and learned the ins and outs of mining by trial and error. He ended up joining the Hoffmans for the second and third seasons of the show and had quite an impression.

However, as the third season came to a close, Chris decided to switch things up and decide to join Parker for the fourth season. Since then, he has stayed with Parker’s crew and has established himself as one of the most important crew members. A badass machine operator, he also taught Parker how to fight and made sure that his boss could hold his own.
Chris compares gold mining with opening a Christmas present, only the thrill is magnified by a thousand times. Known for his work ethic, Chris is a man of few words and shows everything by his work.

Personal Relationships and Problems:

Chris Doumitt is happily married to his wife Sharon Doumitt. The pair have been together for 47 years and are high school sweethearts. The pair have two children, a son, Jason, and a daughter.

Chris Doumitt along with his beloved wife Sharon Doumitt

Even though Sharon has been supportive of Chris’s gold mining endeavors, the couple had to go through a lot of things to make sure Chris continues working on what he loves. In 2015, Sharon was diagnosed with multiple types of cancers. While Chris stayed with Sharon to take care of her, things changed as the new gold mining season was underway. Chris decided to sacrifice the mining season and started taking care of Sharon who was declared cancer-free in 2017. But that was not the end of Chris’s problems. In the same year, he was left stranded after his truck was stolen along with his passport and credit cards. While he recovered his credit cards and passports, the insurance company finalized that the cost of recovering the truck would be more than buying a new one. So, Chris got a new truck that was brought around by his wife and his son. But for all his trouble, Chris continues to work in the mine and is back for the 10th season of the show.

Chris Doumitt Wiki/Bio Facts:

NameChris Doumitt
FatherJim Turin
Nick NameDozer Dave
Birth placeUSA
ProfessionGold Miner, Carpenter
WifeSharon Doumitt
Net Worth$600,000

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