What happened to Mountain Men Marty Meierotto? Wiki-Bio, wife, kid.

When it comes to living in the mountains, there is no one better than Marty Meierotto. An expert trapper and hardcore survivalist, Marty has been living in a one-room cabin in the Alaskan Mountains for all his life. A staple feature of the reality TV show, Mountain Men, Marty is as humble as he is skillful. Marty had been with the series ever since it first aired in 2012 and enjoyed an amazing run for 8 seasons. In June of 2020, Marty announced that he was leaving the series due to personal reasons.

Leaving the series:

Marty Meierotto announced his departure from Mountain Men in June of 2020, and fans were shocked by the sudden revelation. Given that Marty was the second original cast member, the first being Tom Oar, to leave the show in few months, fans were left wondering if there was any problem with the show.

However, Marty came clear with his news of departure by expressing his desire to spend more time with his daughter. His daughter, Noah, would be helping Marty from the next winter and Marty wants to spend more time teaching her the tricks of the trade. Talking about the departure Marty revealed,

Mountain Men Marty Meierotto

“I thought a lot about it and that’s the decision I made. It’s gonna be the best for her and family time and all that. I’ve been doing this my whole life, and for the past eight years I’ve had a camera on me all the time. I’m glad we got to tell a story and I hope it’s helped people understand what it’s really like out here. At the end of the day, I’m just a trapper. If you’re laying on your deathbed, you’re not going to be thinking about how much money you made or some job you had. You’re going to be thinking about what you’ve done with your life.”

Early beginnings:

Born and raised in northern Wisconsin, Marty found his love for the wilderness from his father. When he was just seven years of age, his father took Marty to check on some traps that he had laid on the far northern facet of Wisconsin. The journey had a huge impact on Marty who decided to follow in his father’s footsteps.

After graduating high school, Marty began working as a trapper in Wisconsin. However, with only a few animals to catch and a ton of trappers waiting, Marty had little success. So in 1985, he and his younger brother Jeff moved to Alaska.

Life in Alaska:

During his early years, Marty yok up several odd jobs to familiarize himself with the region. He initially worked in Fairbanks as a janitor, before moving to construction and logging. After setting up his cabin, Marty focused on his life as a trapper and lays down his traps 200 miles away from Fairbanks.

In 2012, Marty was asked by the executive producers of Mountain Men to join the cast of the series. Marty gladly accepted the offer and stayed with the series for 8 long years. Even though Marty has left the show, he continues his life as a trapper and is set on teaching his daughter the tricks of the trade. Marty is married to Dominique and the pair have a daughter, Noah.

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