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Otto Kilcher has spent all of his life in the homestead. The sixth child of Yule and Ruth Kilcher, Otto has battled through the rough winters of Alaska all his life. A curious child, Otto loved tinkering and was always either fixing things or breaking them down. Over the years, Otto developed a huge interest in the mechanical side of things and was the fixer of everything mechanical in his house. An experienced homesteader, Otto knows the ins and outs of the Alaskan winters and has been able to lead his family through the worst of them. In this article, we will take a closer look at the wiki-bio of Otto Kilcher.

Otto Kilcher

Early Life of Otto Kilcher:

Otto Edwin Kilcher was born on the 13th of April, 1952, to Ruth and Yule Kilcher. The sixth child of Yule Kilcher and Ruth Weber, Ottow Grew up alongside his seven siblings. Raised in a small log cabin without modern amenities, Otto spent most of his early life farming, fishing, herding cattle, and hunting for coal. The siblings developed a love for music from a young age and Otto was no exception. Ever the curious child, Otto developed a special love for everything mechanical and would love to tinker at any chance he got. Since his early years, Otto had a special talent for repairing anything mechanical, a talent that has carried well to his adult years.

Marriage and Children:

Otto Kilcher is happily married to Charlotte Kilcher, who came from Northern California to Alaska to work as a wildlife biologist in 1978. The pair first met in 1989, while they were working as volunteers in South Central Alaska. The pair tied the knot soon after and started living in the Kilcher Homestead. Even though the pair had a single son August Kilcher, they are parents to three more. Ott Kilcher has two children, Levi, and Eivin Kilcher, from his second marriage to Sharon Mckemie. On the other hand, Charlotte has a single child, Torrey, born from her previous marriage.

Otto Kilcher along with his wife Charlotte Kilcher

Life on the homestead:

One of the older heads in the homestead, Otto Kilcher knows how cruel winters in Alaska can be. From helping his parents with chores and farm work to being the go-to person for anything mechanical, Otto has spent an entire lifetime in the homestead. Even though Otto excels in all fronts of the homestead, he is best known in the family as a collector of all useful stuff and equipment. If the family needs anything that has got something to do with the machine, Otto makes it appear out of the junk pile he calls his treasure. A man who can pretty much do anything on his own, Otto is out to teach his children the embody the can-do attitude.

Death Hoaxes:

As one of the oldest heads in the family, Otto has been the subject of several death hoaxes. Ever since the sixth season, Otto’s health has been on the decline and the star has battled a series of medical issues. In the sixth season, Otto underwent hernia surgery and dealt with a blood clot, which put him out of commission for quite a while.

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