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For the longest time, the Hoffmans ruled the mining business and were considered the guys to beat. However, their dominance lasted only for a few years as Parker Schnabel burst into the scene. A dirt nerd, Parker was practically raised in a mine. Over the years, Parker acquainted himself with everything from leading a group of miners to the heavy equipment that is used in a mine. At just 25 years of age, Parker has achieved massive success in mining and has been a highlight of the reality TV series, Gold Rush. In this article, we will take a closer look at the wiki-bio of Parker Schnabel.

Parker Schnabel into mining:

Parker Schnabel was born on the 22nd of July 1994, in Haines, Alaska. Born and raised in Alaska by his grand parent alongside his father Roger Schnabel and mother Nancy Schnabel Parker has revealed very little about his early life. Parker first began mining in an attempt to help his 90-year-old grandfather john Schnabel to run a small mining operation. Around the time Parker started working on a mine, he was still a boy and had a hard time making sure that others took him seriously. Talking about his early struggles Parker revealed,

Gold Rush star Parker Schnabel

“You know, it wasn’t too difficult because I did really enjoy it and in the early years I had a lot of fun doing the show and learning how to mine. It was a struggle, but it was also fun.”

Gold Rush and finding success:

When Gold Rush first began in 2010, Parker was just 16-years old and was still operating from his grandfather’s property. After coming last in the inaugural season, Parker returned to the Massive Nugget Mine with a larger environment-friendly gear. Since then, Parker’s business took off and the reality star found massive success with mining. In the fourth season of the show, Parker began visitor mining with his mentor Tony Beets on the newfound land near, Dawson Metropolis. Due to his massive success in Gold Rush, Parker was also asked to feature in a spin-off series entitled, Gold Rush: Parker’s Trail. The series took Parker to the Klondike Trail and has been going on for four seasons. Talking about the massive success he has seen over the years, Parker revealed that the key was making sure that he took each decision seriously.

“I think a big part of it is not getting complacent, we always try to find the next thing or the next person that’s going to improve the business and make things run better and smarter, to find the next season’s ground, or whatever it is. We always try to continue improving. It’s not just about one idea or one way of doing things, it’s a constant improvement.”

Not the one to worry too much about the future, Parker likes to live in the present. When asked if he would be mining all his life, Parker replied with the uncertainty that he would continue mining as long as it makes money and as long as he has fun doing it.

Personal Life of Parker Schnabel:

For the longest time, Parker was dating Ashley Yule and the duo made several appearances together on the show. Ashley, who is a Veterinary nurse, met Parker when he was in Australia covering mining grounds. Even though the duo got on well, Parker announced that the pair split in 2018. While Parker is presumed to be dating Tyler Mahoney, his fellow cast member from Parker’s trail, there has been no confirmation of the pair’s relationship.

Parker Schnabel Wiki/Facts

NameParker Schnabel
BirthdayJuly 22, 1994
Birth placeHaines, Alaska
ParentsRoger Schnabel(father), Nancy Schnabel (Mother)
Grand Fatherjohn Schnabel
SiblingPayson Schnabel
ProfessionGold miner
Net Worth$2 million
Social Media HandleParker Schnabel FacebookParker Schnabel Twitter


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