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When Rich Lewis left Mountain Men, the series was in a desperate need for a lion hunter, in stepped, Jake Herak. A second generation lion hunter, Jake lives at the foot of Montana’s Tobacco Root Mountains. Well known amongst the local people, Jake and his team of hunters are responsible for driving away the mountain lions during the cold harsh winters. One of the newest additions to the show, Jake opened to lukewarm reception from the fans. While his expertise in hunting leaves little to be doubted, fans often complain about his lackluster appearance on the show.

Early life of Jake Herak:

Jake has revealed very little about himself and his early life. The TV star was born in February 28, 1989 and raised in Montana but later moved to the Tobacco Root Mountains. Jake developed an interest in hunting and tracking from a young age and was soon chasing the valley’s most dangerous predators. Little is known about how and where he learned the skills, considering how he moved to the Tobacco Root Mountains when he was just a teenager, it is safe to say that Jake developed all the skills he needed overtime. Other than a few details here and there, little is known about Jake’s early life and the TV star has been mum about it.

Mountain Men Jake Herak

Learning Curve:

Even though Jake began hunting mountain lions from a young age, he recognizes that the profession is one huge learning curve. In doing so, Jake also acknowledges the danger of hunting in the mountains.
“Up here, you put your foot in the wrong spot and you’re one step away from death.”

Jake was cast on the series from the seventh season and has been a regular cast member to date. Apart from his passion for chasing down mountain lions, Jake is also a huge fan of hunting and hunts deer and bobcats. Jake revealed his passion for hunting in the sixth episode of the seventh season when he set off into the woods in an attempt to fill his freezer. However, Jake also acknowledged the perils of hunting in the woods.

Mountain Men Jake Herak

“We don’t want to be out here after dark with fresh meat on our back. There’s bears and mountain lions and out here. It’s a wild place with wild animals. It’s their home and meat’s what they eat.”

Personal Life of Jake Herak:

Jake is currently in a loving relationship with Anika Ward. Anika shares Jake’s passion for hunting but is more concentrated on fishing. The pair are enjoying a loving relationship but are yet to tie the knot. Jake regularly posts pictures from the pair’s outings including a recent vacation to Florida.

Lukewarm reception:

While Jake has been enjoying his time on Mountain Men, fans have not warmed up to his appearance. Many think that Jake’s performance lacks impact and his appearance has made the entire series dull. Fans are blaming Jake and the storyline revolving around him for the dullness of the show. As one fan pointed out,

Hunter Jake Herak

“If we could just do away with or at least see less of the Mountain Lion Trackers… the show would be much much better… They just bore me to tears… but it does give me a chance to put clothes in the dryer and do other chores.”

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