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Over the years the reality series Alaskan Bush People has introduced viewers to some of the most eccentric characters on reality television. The second eldest son of the brown family, Bam Brown’s real name is Joshua Brown. He got the nickname Bam Brown or Bam Bam Brown due to his energetic nature. An expert in fishing, Joshua developed an early liking for anything electrical. A voracious reader, he would often read books in his free time. After all, living away from civilization doesn’t mean one isn’t intrigued by it. In this article, we will go through the life of reality star Joshua Brown.

Early Life:

Joshua Brown was born on the 18th of September 1984 to parents Billy Brown and Ami Brown. Joshua Brown was just 18 months old when his parents decided to move to Alaska. Born in Texas, United States, and raised onboard the Brown’s fishing boat, Joshua took a real liking to the sea. An expert in all matters concerning fishing, Bam Bam was a curious child. Not depending on anyone to provide answers he would often take it upon himself to search through the wilderness. A good hunter, fisher, and tracker, he never goes anywhere without his camera. Like all the brown children, he was home-schooled by his mother, Ami Brown. An older brother and five younger siblings meant Joshua was often taking care of the younger ones and he is quite good at it.

Joshua Bam Bam Brown cast of Alaskan Bush People

Professional Life:

Bam Brown has been around the TV series from the beginning. The series that aired in 2014 documented the lives of the Brown family and Joshua is an intricate part of it. The 35-year-old makes an estimated $400k annually. But the figure is expected to change as he has left the show to live on the mainland with his girlfriend.

A potential marriage on the cards:

Bam Brown is currently dating Allison Kagan. The pair met on the set of Alaskan Bush People back in November 2016 and have been together ever since. Allison who worked as a supervising field producer fell in love with the reality star and the pair were soon seen together. Bam Bam Brown revealed during the showtime,

“I felt like it was the right time to follow my heart. She’s stirred something inside me and made my soul wake up. I hope we can blend our lives together and I can take her back to Alaska.” 

Joshua Bam Bam Brown alongside his girlfriend Allison Kagan

The pair are still in their dating phase and are yet to tie the knot. There have also been no rumors of a potential pregnancy. Bam Brown has moved out of Alaska and lives with his girlfriend, Allison.

A troubled family affair and Family tragedy:

It has long been reported that Bam Brown wants to quit the show. This is due to rising tensions between Allison and his family. It is rumored that the Brown family doesn’t like Allison and wants Bam to leave her. Bam, on the other hand, is deeply hurt by his family’s sentiment and is preparing to quit the show. The pair are working for the series only due to their contract which runs out after the current season. An insider revealed,

“They do not show Bam’s woman Allison the same level of respect, and it really just sets him off because they’ve known her longer than any of his brother’s new fame-hungry girls.”

Joshua Bam Bam Brown along with the Brown Family

This is the main reason why Bam wants to quit the show.

Joshua Brown lost his father Billy Brown suffering a Seizure at his own house on February 08, 2021. Billy was struggling with respiratory problem from a very long period of time according to his health reports.

Personal Life:

As of now both Bam and Alison are living on a boat that the pair bought back in 2017. The 100ft boat perfectly compliments Joshua’s early life as he spent much of his time on the sea. The pair has given the name “Fathom This” to their floating house.


Full NameJoshua Bam Bam Brown
BirthdateSeptember 18, 1984
BirthplaceTexas, United States
Nick NameBam Bam Brown
FatherBilly Brown
MotherAmi Brown
Height1.75 m
ProfessionTelevision Personality
GirlfriendAllison Kagan
Siblings6 ( Snowbird, Rain, Matt, Bear, Gabe, Noah)
Net worth$400,000


Is Bam Bam Brown married?

Joshua Brown is enjoying his love life with his long-time girlfriend Allison Kagan. The pair are yet to tie the knot while they first met on the set of Alaskan Bush People where Allison was taking the responsibility of field producer of the Discovery Channel show.

Who is Bam Bam Brown’s girlfriend?

Bam met Allison Kagan on the set of Alaskan Bush People. First, they were friends and soon they ended up being a romantic couple. Bam Brown and Allison Kagan are still together today. Allison Kagan started her working journey as a field producer on few Alaskan Bush People seasons. Then she was given the responsibility of senior field producer and finally director from 2015 to 2018. She has also worked for some bigger networks like Fox, ABC, NBC, Sports Channel, and ESPN.

Is Bam Bam Brown leaving Alaskan Bush People?

Back in 2017 Bam Bam Brown stopped appearing in the show as he was having a romantic time with his girlfriend Allison Kagan and appeared in the show back in 2019. He was last seen on the final episode of the 11th season which was aired on the 29th of January, 2020. He came back to the show as his mother Ami Brown was diagnosed with stage three Lung cancer. Since his mother is fully recovered the pair is presumed to be departing from the show as they have almost completed the renovation of their floating house “Fathom This”.

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