Justin “Big Chief” Shearer Wiki/Bio: wife, career, education and accident.

Before Daddy Dave ruled the streets with his Goliath, it was Big Chief and Murder Nova who competed for the title of King of the Street. While Daddy Dave took the racing scene by storm, Chief continued his stable run and has since snatched the title from Dave on several occasions. Often at the helm of the racing scene, Big Chief shares a competitive rivalry with Daddy Dave, JJ Da Boss, and Murder Nova. He also owns the Midwest Street Cars Automotive and is one of the renowned cast members of the show, Street Outlaws. In this article, we will take a closer look at the wiki-bio of Big Chief.

Early Life of Big Chief:

Justin Shearer was born on the 9th December 1980 in Louisville, Kentucky. Born and raised in Kentucky, Justin lost his father when he was young. His mother remarried and the family moved to Oklahoma when Justin was just 12 years of age. He graduated from Putnam City High School in 1998 and took his passion for street cancer to the next stage.

During his early ages, Big Chief rode his bike to Old Route 66 to watch races. Even though he was just nine years of age, he hung out with racing crews, which encouraged him to make it out as a racer.

Street Outlaws racer Justin Big Chief Shearer

Life as a racer:

Following his graduation, Chief got a job at Midwest Street Cars and bought his first car, a 1972 Pontiac LeMans. The Pontiac became the base for Chief’s current car, The Crew. After bossing the tracks for a few years, he was invited by the executive producers of Street Outlaws who wanted him to feature on the series.

Over the years, Big Chief has featured in several high-profile races and is also a part of the 405 List. He also participated in the NHRA drag racing in 2016 and is also working on No Prep Kings at the same time. Talking about the two shoes, Chief revealed,

Justin “Big Chief” Shearer

“Doing both shows is forcing me to learn so much more about my car, and I’ve realized how crucial ‘note taking’ really is. The last few seasons, the 405 list has gotten so much faster and it’s harder and harder to stay competitive. I have a whole new respect for the badass guys that have been pulling double-duty for the last couple of seasons. No prep and Street Outlaws seem like similar platforms to the average viewer, but it takes a completely different setup in the car, and a totally different mindset to win races on both shows.”

Personal Life:

Big Chief met his first wife Alicia Shearer when he was just 18-years of age. Around the time, Alicia worked a respiratory therapist and Chief worked at a local gas station. The pair began dating in 1998 and tied the knot in 2006. Following their marriage, the pair had two sons, Corbin and Covil. While the pair enjoyed a loving relationship, they called things off in 2017. Since the split, Chief is presumed to be dating fellow racer, Jacklyn Braasch but the pair are yet to confirm the news.


In 2015, Big Chief had an accident with racer Brian ‘Chucky’ David, during a race in Oklahoma. The cars crashed after both Chief and Chucky lost control of their cars. While Chief was lucky not to lose his life, he suffered from a damaged spinal cord, broken collarbone, and pulmonary contusions. Following the accident, he was hospitalized and was asked to stay away from the tracks for a while. He made a full recovery and returned to the driving seat soon after.


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